Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend in Decorah

I worked at the Trans Iowa checkpoint #2 Saturday. Because of the severe winds, we only had 5 riders make the checkpoint and the race had to be cut short by about 100 miles. Congratulations to the 5 finishers and to everybody who competed. I was able to get out Saturday and Sunday morning to ride the Decorah trails. The trails are awesome!
My home for Friday night.
Sweet singletrack
Little bit of water on the trails
Tim from the Twin Cities
1 of many switchbacks
Log ride
Are you SCARED?
Because of the wind, I had to cook lunch inside my tent
Got Ramen? (with vienna sausages)
More trails
Log ride from different angle

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Idlewild Trails

Another soggy morning ride at Idlewild. I had to stop a couple times to tighten my crank arm. Looks like I'll need a new crankset. I'm going to go with a cheap-o Sugino square taper crank next time. It seems like there aren't any mid-priced cranksets available. It goes from cheap right up to $200.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Rainy Day.... Let's Ride

I had a day off work today and of course the weather turned to crap on me. In between rains this morning, I drove down to Idlewild Park for some wet singletrack. I haven't ridden at Idlewild for nearly 2 years and it's change a bit. There are a lot of trees down everywhere. Some of them would make great log crossings with a little work. Also a lot of sticks and twigs that are set on destroying my wheels and derailer. It started raining harder as I was heading home, so I guess I got lucky. Maybe I can get back out there for a few hours this weekend to ride again.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Dirt and Mud

Finally got out for some dirt today after a rainy week. The trails along the Cedar River had some sections that are under water. We were able to walk around the flooded parts without too much trouble. Found out that Andy at work also likes to ride, so we rode together today. I only took a few pics because the camera was goofy (see the pics).
My Dirty Monkey
Andy Pushing a hill
Andy's new ride. GT something, 6 inches rear travel.