Saturday, December 09, 2006

Random Photo Weekend

Mojoe riding seat-out-front
Mojoe and GB4 jousting at Veisha
Mojoe and GB4 jousting at Veisha
Mojoe is the winner of the "Sexiest Cross-dresser" contest at the 2001 Homey Fall Fest
26x3 muni at the 24 hour race at 7 Oaks
Mojoe riding some stairs by Ames
Mojoe's pink Schwinn single speed
Mojoe has issues
Mojoe on the seep hill at the 2002 Homey Fall Fest
Mojoe rockin' some urban assault in Mpls
Mojoe cleaning a big gap in Mpls
Mojoe droppin' off a picnic table
Got milk??
Mojoe at Red Wing Minnesota
Mojoe loves animals a little too much
Yes, Mojoe is pretty in his dress
Mojoe commuting on his 36" wheeled unicycle
Mojoe like cow
Another pic from Red Wing Mn
Mojoe riding an ultimate wheel
Mojoe looking tired on his 29er unicycle
Mojoe getting a little air at Idlewild, near Floyd, Ia.
Mojoe loves 29ers!


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