Tuesday, December 04, 2007

All Racked Up

I finally got my JANDD rear rack mounted on the Monkey. I had to cobble it up a little to make it fit with the 29er tires. I used a couple of the extra spacers that came with my Surly front Nice Rack to extend the JANDD and make it taller. The left side lined up perfectly with the disc brake mount and I could just mount it there and do without the spacer. The rack bolts to the middle hole in the Surly spacer and the hose clamp stabilizes it and keeps it from pivoting. With my smallish Axiom panniers, I have lots of heal clearance. I can get some bigger rear panniers now, since I normally use these ons on the front. Clamps attach the top of the rack to the seat stays. Now I have plenty of clearance between the tirw and bottom of the rack.


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