Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pugsley World Championships

Today was the Pugsley World Championships. I can say that this was probably the hardest 25 mile ride I've ever ridden. The course was super fun, with a few exceptions. I crashed a couple times on ice and bashed up my knee and elbow. I'm sure they'll feel worse is the morning. Did I mention it was cold?? I think it was 5* F at the start and maybe 15* F at the finish. The wind was pretty light, so that was good.
Should have wore my snow boots, as old Doc Marten steel toes suck for pushing a heavy bike up icy hills. I finally had to resort to taking my boots off and walking up in my socks.
Here's some pics... I didn't take many.... I was too busy having fun riding.
Just realized I didn't take a photo of my own bike. That's gotta be a first.


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it looks so funny!

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