Monday, December 11, 2006

Tagged... OK I'll Play along

1. I spent 7 years in the Iowa Army National Guard as mechanic. I was in Desert Shield/Storm, hay hauling across Iowa, and flood duty in '93.

2. I was the world's biggest gun nut. I loved big bore handguns and used to reload my own ammo and cast my own bullets. I was ticketed for blasting a squirrel from my car window with a .357 magnum at Spring Park.

3. Started biking in '98 on an old Panasonic 10-speed. Shortly after, I turned it into a fixed gear after reading about them on Sheldon Brown's site and the iBOB list. The fixie led to a fixie MTB for winter commuting, which led to singlespeed mountain biking, which led to mountain unicycling.

4. I hate bike clothes! I bike in homemade knickers, swim trunks, long sleeve sear sucker shirts, tie die, wool socks, and Mechanix Gloves. I do like my spd shoes and sandles though.

5. I formed the Muni Militia . A informal worlwide unicycling gang. When I got into unicycles, most unicyclers seemed very nerdy and square. I was trying to bring some of the punk/singlespeed culture (Minneapolis Mafia) to the unicycle world. I think I was ( according to the trail safety rider )the first person to mountain unicycle at Sugar Bottom years ago. I also bent a set of 3 day old Profile Racing cranks by jumping a unicycle off a 4.5 foot wall. Rode a 24 inch unicycle on the BRR Ride one year.

6. I juggle fire.

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