Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall is Here

I had Friday off and celebrated by getting in 25 miles of gravel on the Big Dummy. I rode out to the New Haven Potholes to check on a geocache. I then rode North a couple miles to check on another geocache, which turned out to be missing. It looks like it was washed away in the floods this spring/summer. I cooked up some ramen for lunch at Pioneer Park and took a break in the shade. I explored some different gravel roads on the way home, putting in 25 miles total. The wind was crazy all day out of the South/East. Gravel travel rules. Noah and I spent Saturday and Sunday at the Cub Scout Fall Frolic at WSR. The weather was perfect and attendance was low, making for short lines. I even got some time behind the wheel of the pedal powered go-carts. Super Fun!!!


Blogger B I D W E L L said...

Glad you got some gravel serenity and had a good time at the Frolic. Those pedal carts are way fun! Are they using the new helmets yet?

1:13 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Not sure about the new helmets, but they've got some cool paint jobs on the hood/fairing. I just wish they had some gears. I was spun out like crazy!

5:26 PM  

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