Sunday, July 26, 2009


RAGBRAI is over and I miss it already. I had a great week, riding self-contained, even with the rain. The bike and my gear peformed great! I rode the century on Thursday and was ready to ride some more. Hey to all the Surly riders out there that I chatted with.
Bill, Nathan, and our loaded bikes on Friday.
Thursday, mile 96, storm ahead.
Surly dave fixing a roadie's chain.
Thursday hail
Thursday hail
Thursday sunrise with wet roads
Thursday sunrise
Wednesday, smimming in the pond
Puffy clouds and big climbs
more puff clouds
Laura and Tony with the PB Jam
Laura's mom
Salsa Fargo
John's Trek touring bike
Roadshow's bus leaving in a cloud of vegtable smoke on Wednesday
Joe's unicycle
Long Climb
Long climb
Courtney's light load of a tent and sheet.
Courtney's Bianchi, really light self-contained load
the short bus...
Kim West, handing out free beer and heckling riders on a climb.
Al's Ralaigh Portage with 650b's and Phil hubs.
Surly Dave's big Dummy
Surly Dave's big Dummy
Squirrel fixing bikes for Rassy's
Rider's jamming at the PB Jam.
Lunch on Monday
Karate Monkey = touring bike
Chad fixing a flat on his Salsa Fargo.
Chad fixing a flat on his Salsa Fargo
Mike Dunker of Team Udder
Karate Monkey = touring bike
Team Roadshow fire juggling
Glenda fire hooping
Bok Choy playing the pocket trumpet
Seager and Mike passing clubs
Gifts from the condem queen
the condem queen and her bag of goodies
Seager 1 foot idling on the 7 footer.
Jim's Salsa Fargo
my Karate Monkey and Caroline's Long haul Trucker
the road ahead
Sunday's PBJ


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