Sunday, February 24, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Cedar River
Surly Karate Monkey
Bike shoes?? Nope... Steel toe Doc Martins
Mitchell Dam
Mitchell Dam


Blogger Bill said...

Living in Tucson and SF/bay area my whole life, seeing snow as something to be avoided, akin to death, your photos/blog are bordering on super-human to me.

My wife threatens taking jobs in places where its not sunny and warm every day. Your blog gives me hope and inspiration. Though a shiver goes through me just looking at the photos. How the hell......?????

I remember the unibomber was reputed to put chains on his bike tires. That must be a mountain thing. Or maybe just a crazy person thing.

Then again, that photo of your ride up to the pedals in snow looks pretty nuts to me!

Great blog. Great photos!

1:28 PM  

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