Saturday, February 02, 2008


I rode north of Mitchell today to check out the new windmill going up. I rolled through Mitchell on the way back and took a break on the bridge over the Cedar River. The dam was refurbished years ago and now powers the town, plus sells the excess electricity back to the power company. My Surly Karate Monkey is powered by coffee, ramen noodles, and candy bars. The weather was great today! 25 degrees when I left and very little wind. I felt like I could've rode all day.


Blogger Gary Books said...

Hi, Just writing to say I enjoy the enthusiasm you show in your blog. I grew up in a small town( approximately 300 mi. North of you) with an enthusiasm for what most of my neighbors"offbeat" pursuits like biking, backpacking, nature photography, etc. Nice to see you find the enjoyment and appreciation of your local environment, what to most people has become the dull ordinary back drop to every day life.

12:14 PM  

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