Friday, December 24, 2010

More Winter Camping

Loaded up the Big Dummy and pedaled out of town around 8pm last night. It started snowing just as I was getting there, so I got busy shoveling a foot of snow off the ground to set up my tent. Got the tent set up and a small fire going. Melted snow and boiled the water for ramen... and by that time it was snowing pretty heavy so I retired to the tipi for the evening to eat my supper and go to bed.
It snowed all night and thru the morning. The tipi had new snow piled up all around it but I slept warm inside in my sleeping bag. Since the weather report was for continuing snow, I skipped the morning fire, packed up and rode home. My firewood was buried anyway ;)
Packed way too much stuff for an overnighter, but I needed the snowshoes and the shovel. Hey, that's why I have a Big Dummy!


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