Saturday, March 03, 2007

Post "Storm of the Century" Ride

Some pics from this mornings ride. I started down one of the gravel roads and I was about to turn around because the road was drifted over. Just as started back, I see a snow plow coming down the road. Thank you snow plow man!! I was able to follow the plow until I got to the river road, which had been plowed before. I'm glad I switched tires yesterday as the 700x40's would not have cut it today. The front got a little sqirmy at times. The only thing better might have been a Surly Pugsley.


Blogger Paul said...

Awesome ride. I wish our gravel roads were in that good of shape. Right now we have two to three foot drifts going across them for hundreds of yards. More of a hike a bike than anything. I guess that was yesterday, maybe they are better today.

7:31 AM  

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