Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Bike Camping

I loaded up the bike and took the long way to Riceville to camp at Lake Hendricks yesterday. 28 miles each way. The weather was HOT for June in Iowa and I fought the wind yesterday and today. Drank many beers and fished for bass and bluegills. The Surly handles great with a load up front on the Surly Nice Rack. I was able to ride no-handed at 20mph with zero wobble or shimmy. STA-BIL-ITY...... Love this bike. Also noteworthy... the Axiom waterproof panniers keep beers cold for hours. I'd love to find a lighter tent and sleeping bag. The WalMart specials I have are bulky. I cooked supper and breakfast on my DIY alcohol stove. I can boil 2 cups off water in under 5 minutes with it using denatured alcohol. Later................. Drive on.... Mojoe


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