Monday, December 11, 2006

Tagged... OK I'll Play along

1. I spent 7 years in the Iowa Army National Guard as mechanic. I was in Desert Shield/Storm, hay hauling across Iowa, and flood duty in '93.

2. I was the world's biggest gun nut. I loved big bore handguns and used to reload my own ammo and cast my own bullets. I was ticketed for blasting a squirrel from my car window with a .357 magnum at Spring Park.

3. Started biking in '98 on an old Panasonic 10-speed. Shortly after, I turned it into a fixed gear after reading about them on Sheldon Brown's site and the iBOB list. The fixie led to a fixie MTB for winter commuting, which led to singlespeed mountain biking, which led to mountain unicycling.

4. I hate bike clothes! I bike in homemade knickers, swim trunks, long sleeve sear sucker shirts, tie die, wool socks, and Mechanix Gloves. I do like my spd shoes and sandles though.

5. I formed the Muni Militia . A informal worlwide unicycling gang. When I got into unicycles, most unicyclers seemed very nerdy and square. I was trying to bring some of the punk/singlespeed culture (Minneapolis Mafia) to the unicycle world. I think I was ( according to the trail safety rider )the first person to mountain unicycle at Sugar Bottom years ago. I also bent a set of 3 day old Profile Racing cranks by jumping a unicycle off a 4.5 foot wall. Rode a 24 inch unicycle on the BRR Ride one year.

6. I juggle fire.

Mojoe out...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cold Wind and Ditch Porn

I put in 42 miles this morning on the Gary Fisher Cobia aka"Super Hybrid" shod with 700x40 IRC Mythos CX Slicks. The first half of the ride was more or less into the wind on gravel. The gravel was mostly smooth and in great shape. I took pavement for most of the way home since I'd have some nice tailwind. Near Rock Falls, I stopped to snap a couple pics of some ditch porn. Playboy, Penthouse, and Knave. Good times...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Random Photo Weekend

Mojoe riding seat-out-front
Mojoe and GB4 jousting at Veisha
Mojoe and GB4 jousting at Veisha
Mojoe is the winner of the "Sexiest Cross-dresser" contest at the 2001 Homey Fall Fest
26x3 muni at the 24 hour race at 7 Oaks
Mojoe riding some stairs by Ames
Mojoe's pink Schwinn single speed
Mojoe has issues
Mojoe on the seep hill at the 2002 Homey Fall Fest
Mojoe rockin' some urban assault in Mpls
Mojoe cleaning a big gap in Mpls
Mojoe droppin' off a picnic table
Got milk??
Mojoe at Red Wing Minnesota
Mojoe loves animals a little too much
Yes, Mojoe is pretty in his dress
Mojoe commuting on his 36" wheeled unicycle
Mojoe like cow
Another pic from Red Wing Mn
Mojoe riding an ultimate wheel
Mojoe looking tired on his 29er unicycle
Mojoe getting a little air at Idlewild, near Floyd, Ia.
Mojoe loves 29ers!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Wind, Wind, Wind

I had today off so I celebrated by riding 41 miles in the cold wind. Average speed ended up being 10.2 mph, which I thought was pretty good, considering the weather. I explored a little trail North of St. Ansgar on the way home and took some pictures of an old dam and the river. Mojoe

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Damn Wind.... :(

I put in 18 windy miles of gravel travel this morning. Since my bike computer is dead, I used my gps to keep track of speed and miles today. I barely kept my average at 10 mph. The trip up, I had a hard time keeping it at 7. I had to lean the bike into cross winds and gusts would blow me across the road. The way back rocked with me in the big ring most the time. First ride on new tires too. IRC Mythos 700x40. They felt great on gravel at 40psi. I'll try them at 50psi next time out. Oh yeah, and my water bottles froze, as did my Camelbak hose. (forgot to blow the water back into the bladder )